Improv 201 - Group scenes and characters

Now that you’ve completed Level 1* - Improv Fundamentals - you’re ready to take on the next level. Improv 201 explores working as a group to create completely improvised pieces and how to create well-developed characters in the moment.

Specific skills and topics covered:

  • Creating scenes as a group

  • Bringing characters to life with strong points of view

  • Developing strong relationships between characters on the spot

  • How to start an improvised long-form show and perform for 30 minutes

This course meets for 8 sessions that are each 3 hours long, leading to a final graduation performance by the entire class.

*To participate in our Improv 201 course you must have completed our Improv 101 course or completed an equivalent intro to improv class - if you are unsure if this is you please contact us at

Read our terms and conditions of participation

Have as much fun as Chris - do an improv class!

Have as much fun as Chris - do an improv class!

Upcoming sessions

Our next session begins January 29 2017