Our curriculum focuses on teaching actors and improvisers the core tenets of Chicago style long-form improvisation.  This philosophy of improvisation is built entirely around the concept of Yes And - accepting what your other performers have created and adding your own ideas to create fully improvised comedic theatrical pieces from a single source of inspiration.  Improv is working together as one to create something wonderful in the blink of any eye.


Improv 101 - Improv Fundamentals

This level is designed to introduce participants to Big Fork Theatre's approach to improvised comedy.  No previous acting or improv experience is required to participate.   

In Improv 101 you will be encouraged to explore your creativity, build your confidence and have fun whilst developing the basic skills of improvisation. 

Improv Fundamentals focuses on the fundamental tenets of scenic improvisation.

Specific skills and topics covered: 

  • Yes and

  • Listening

  • Creating a character

  • Supporting your scene partner and the performance

  • Object /Environment work (mime)

  • Introductory long-form improvisation techniques.

Improv 201 - Group Scenes & Character

Now that you’ve completed Improv 101 - Improv Fundamentals - you’re ready to take on the next level. Improv 201 explores working as a group to create completely improvised pieces and how to create developed characters in the moment.

Successful completion of Improv 101 (or similar training) is required to participate.

Specific skills and topics covered:

  • Creating scenes as a group

  • Bringing characters to life with strong points of view

  • Developing strong relationships between characters on the spot

  • How to start an improvised long-form show and perform for 30 minutes