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Upcoming Discover Improv Sessions

Discover Improv - Free Taste-tester

Anyone can improvise! Ever wanted to try improv but you weren't sure whether or not it was for you? This free 2 hour intro to improvisation course is designed for those who have never had any experience with improv.

Improv can help you become a better listener, improve your confidence in public speaking, kickstart your creativity and teach you how to work as part of a group. Most of all improv is a fun and exciting way to start your weekend.

Upcoming Improv 101 Sessions

Improv 101 - Improv Fundamentals

This level is designed to introduce participants to Big Fork Theatre's approach to improvised comedy. No previous acting or improv experience is required to participate.

In Improv 101 you will be encouraged to explore your creativity, build your confidence and have fun whilst developing the basic skills of improvisation.

Improv Fundamentals focuses on the fundamental tenets of scenic improvisation.

Upcoming Improv 201 Sessions

Improv 201 - Group Scenes & Characters

This level explores working as a group to create completely improvised pieces and how to create developed characters in the moment. Successful completion of Improv 101 (or similar training) is required to participate.

In Improv 201 you will hone your ability to work as a group and create scenes with multiple performers, as well as starting to put the building blocks of long form improvisation together.



Please email us at bigforktheatre@gmail.com to register your interest for our Improv 201 course - a class will be scheduled soon.

Upcoming Improv 301 Sessions

Improv 301 - The Scene

This level focuses on the two person scene as the backbone of long form improvisation. Successful completion of Improv 201 is required to participate.

In Improv 301 you will learn how to create interesting and entertaining two person scenes from nothing, with a focus on relationships and what is really going on between the two characters. The Scene will involve personal feedback and side coaching from your teacher to take your improvisation to the next level.

Upcoming Improv 401 Sessions

This level introduces students to the Harold Chicago's signature long form improvisation format. Successful completion of Improv 301 is required to participate.

The Harold brings together everything students have done in the first three levels of our improv program. The Harold is a format that is performed all around the world - it weaves together multiple threads of characters and stories through two person scenes, group games and organic exploration of themes - all inspired by a single word.

Improv 401 - The Harold



Improv 401 - The Harold will be commencing in Term 4 2017.  Please check back shortly for more information.

Upcoming Improv Electives

Improv Electives

Big Fork Theatre will be offering a variety of improv electives throughout the year from regular classes that aren't required learning for the rest of our program to visiting teachers from interstate and overseas.

Regular topics include Musical Improvisation, Characters, new longform improv fromats and many more.



There aren't any upcoming electives at this time. Please join our mailing list below or like us on Facebook to stay up to date.