Choose your own Improv Adventure with Big Fork Theatre

The audience bursts into laughter with loud applause, the lights black out.  You have just finished your Improv Fundamentals graduation show.  

Turn to page 8 to discover how to create fully fleshed out characters in the moment.

Turn to page 19 to explore group mind and improvising as a group.

Big Fork co-founder Chris on his own improv adventure

Big Fork co-founder Chris on his own improv adventure

Big Fork Theatre is taking our improv comedy classes in a new direction, completely overhauling our class structure and trajectory.  

From this October, we’re making it easier for students to explore and study the improv concepts that they are most excited by, as soon as they have completed our introductory class.

Previously students would complete our classes, starting at level one and naturally working their way through our level two, three and four classes. Now, the majority of our class offerings open up to students the second they step off the stage after their level one graduation show.

We wanted our classes to be like a Choose Your Own Adventure novel - except you don’t have to hold your thumb on the previous page to prevent yourself falling off a cliff.  

Big Fork Theatre is launching our new Improv Modules: a series of beginner, intermediate and advanced classes that introduce specific improv skills in a four week, bite size workshop series that students can mix and match to suit their needs.  Students can choose to study the improv topics that inspire them in the order that works for them.

You can see our new class structure here. 

Additionally, the new structure is designed to make it easy for improvisers with experience from other improv companies to jump straight into our classes and study Big Fork Theatre’s unique style of improvised comedy.  

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