Intermediate 2: Intro to Musical Improv - Improv Class

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Intro to Musical Improv introduces students to the basic concepts and tools needed to create songs and music in the moment. No previous musical experience required, however successful completion of Intermediate 1: The Scene is required to participate. Exemption may be granted to experienced improvisers under certain circumstances, please contact the training director at to discuss.

There is nothing more joyful than creating a fully improvised song out of thin air. It can explore the emotional connections of the your characters and drive the action of the scene forward, all while getting a catchy chorus stuck in your audience’s head for hours.

Specific skills and topics covered:

  • How to use lyrics as a storytelling tool

  • How to work with other improvisers and a musician to create improvised songs

  • Basic song structures, rhyming, rhythm and melody techniques

  • Creating songs from your character’s perspective

  • When to bring an improvised song into a long form

  • How to end an improvised song

  • How you can sing great even when your singing isn’t great

  • Beginner vocal warm ups

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